Now, cannabis plant found from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s nursery


AMC garden department director, Jignesh Patel cleared the air around the topic

Updated: Aug 8th, 2023

A five feet tall cannabis plant was found at Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s (AMC) nursery near the Vijay char rasta area today. 

This was discovered just a day after two fully-grown cannabis (marijuana or ganja) plants were found on the hostel campus at city’s Gujarat Technological University (GTU). 

The AMC garden department director, Jignesh Patel, claimed that the cannabis plant found at the AMC’s nursery was not intentionally grown but was a kind of weed that had grown by itself. 

The director also stated that there is a considerable difference between a cannabis plant that is cultivated and one that is self-grown. 

Patel clarified that not only cannabis plants but also multiple unwanted weeds are regularly removed from the nursery.

Cannabis is a type of weed (unwanted vegetation) that grows by itself due to bird droppings (the faeces of birds) in the soil and the humid atmosphere of the monsoon. He added that it is difficult to identify the cannabis plant at the initial stage of its development as it looks similar to marigold plants and congress grass, which is an unwanted vegetation.

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