Gujarat’s monsoon deluge: 66 reservoirs overflow, 91 on high alert


Dam, Gujarat Monsoon (img: Envato Elements, IMGBin)

Gujarat has been drenched by a staggering 80% of this season’s anticipated rainfall, averaging at 27.55 inches. Due to significant rainfall this year, the water levels in several water reservoirs across the state have risen to an average of 72%, while 66 reservoirs have overflowed.

Levels of state’s water reservoirs soar up by 32% since 42 days of monsoon arrival

The southwest monsoon officially started settling over Gujarat on June 25. At that time, the average water level in the state’s reservoirs was 39.79%. Since the onset of the monsoon, the water level in the state has increased by an average of 32.21% so far.

At present, the water levels are at 70.98% in 15 reservoirs in North Gujarat, 48.47% in 17 reservoirs in Central Gujarat, 72.25% in 13 reservoirs in South Gujarat, 66.31% in 20 reservoirs in Kutch, and 83.70% in 141 reservoirs in Saurashtra.

91 reservoirs at high alert; 66 already overflowing in Gujarat

49 reservoirs in Saurashtra, ten in Kutch, four in South Gujarat, and three in central Gujarat have already started to overflow.

The Sardar Sarovar dam, which is known as the lifeline of Gujarat, currently has a water reserve of 74.80%. The water level of the dam is recorded at 130.67 m.

91 water reservoirs in the state have been put on high alert as they are more than 90% full. 28 reservoirs have been placed under alert due to reaching 80%-90% of their capacity, while eight reservoirs have been placed under warning after reaching 70%-80% of their water levels.

79 reservoirs in the state have less than 70% water level, while water storage in only eight reservoirs is less than 20%.

Status of water reservoirs in Gujarat

Zone Reservoirs Levels before Monsoon’s arrival
Level after Monsoon’s arrival
North 15 46.82% 70.98%
Central 17 31.59% 48.47%
South 13 33.55% 72.35%
Kutch 20 48.54% 66.31%
Saurashtra 141 19.29% 83.70%
Sardar Sarovar Dam 51.35% 74.80%

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