Cannabis plants found at a university campus in Ahmedabad


Two cannabis plants of 6.5 ft and 5.5 ft seized

Updated: Aug 7th, 2023

At Ahmedabad’s Gujarat Technological University (GTU), two fully-grown cannabis (marijuana/ganja) plants were found on the hostel campus today.

The two plants were spotted by National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) members of GTU near the ‘D’ block of the hostel campus.

The two plants were reportedly 6.5 feet and 5.5 feet tall. NSUI members claimed that there might be more such plantations in the area. The police have reached the spot and are currently probing into the matter.

Same story, different university

Around 23 cannabis plants were found by the police at Rajkot’s Marwadi University (MU) in Apr 2023. The plants were cultivated near the MU boy’s hostel. Some reports claimed that the plants were cultivated by foreign students residing on the hostel campus. 

(This is a developing story) 

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